Bruno Duprat

Bruno started studying music when he was eight years old, with classical Acoustic-Guitar and as a teenager adding Electric-Bass and piano and performing with bands in Sao Paulo (BR) and became a member of Brazilian Order of Musicians (2007),
In 2009, Bruno started working at Banda Sonora Prod. Art’s. (SP, Brazil).
Bruno moved to Boston MA. in 2012 and worked as an audio engineer in studios including Perfection Recording Studio, Bristol Voice & Recording Studio, Sound Bridge & Stage Studios, The Record Company, Mix One Studios. As a performing artist Bruno has been featured for over 600 Boston plus band performances. In 2016, released an EP (LoveTAP – SEEDS OF DAWN), and also released a Single (Sons Of Fate – SUNNY DAYS); in 2017 another Single (Explode in Blue),
Among the productions he has scored for, are: THE LEGEND OF THE SLEEPING BEAR DUNES (To be released/ 2019® Johanna Oswald), and THE ILLUSTRATOR (2017® Luis Campbell), ANTES QUE SEJA TARDE (2011® Alexandre Dubiela), HEART STRINGS (2015® Doug Cabot/ Dave).