Jeff Fishman

Jeff Fishman, Composer, singer, keyboard player & guitar player and currently the keyboardist for the Grammy award winning band SURVIVOR.
Starting out young in music, he was playing showcases and clubs as early as 13 years old. He sang live on the Merv Griffin Show at the age of 15 and was producing music for local shows including the “Not Too Young For Prime Time Players” at the Roxy on Sunset. He was signed to A&M (Almo-Irving Publishing) as a staff writer. He has several Film & TV  credits in feature films such as HOT MOVES and THE KARATE KID. In the Studio Jeff is currently composing music for dozens of Cable TV shows such as TLC, DISCOVERY, BRAVO, GAME SHOW NETWORK, including The Bachelor, Pawn Stars, The New Price Is Right and too many others to list.