The WAHB Life

Greetings, we are The WAHB Life, a DJ duo based out of Los Angeles, CA. We produce and mix a catalog of music consisting of EDM, Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, and Pop. We have played numerous shows around the city inside clubs, benefits, company events and virtual online streams. With our growing fan base, we have recently launched our first online merchandise store as well as selling instrumentals under the Beatstars platform. Through our music, we love to create an experience to every listener that will let them escape from their weekly routines and simply have a great time.
Accomplishments: The WAHB Life has collaborated with DJ Prodijay, an IHeartRadio live disk jockey, to create numerous mixes posted online through multiple streaming avenues. We have also participated in the Mulholland Carpenter Elementary Charter School Benefit, providing live music, and helped raise over $100k in donations to sponsor local schools in renovating their structures.